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Flat dies machines for screws and special threads - with pointing machine

Flat dies machines for screws and special threads - with pointing machine




Combined machines, modular or multifunction

Machines obtained from the combination of different modules, allowing for example the implementation of pointing, washer loa- ding and final screw threading in a single step without having to load and unload parts to be worked, since all processing takes place in tandem. This allows user customers to perform further processing simultaneously to threading/rolling operations. Reducing production times increases the profit margin on the final product. Different module combinations are available according to the processing to be obtained on the final product. Each module is bypassable so as to exclude any unnecessary processing.

Technical features

Approximate values. The machine speed can change according to the material used and the type of item to be rolled. Measures in mm.


Output capacity
min 80 ÷ max 380
Screw diameter
min 4 ÷ max 8
Thread length
min 10 ÷ max 50
Max length of under head shank
Standard tool sizes
150x170x54 sp.30
Total power of motors
HP 12,5
Machine sizes with hood for total soundproofing
A 1230 - B 3535 - H 2379


Output capacity
max 265
Screw diameter
min 4 ÷ max 8
Min. length of screw
Max. length of screw
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