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Threading machine Overhaul service

RP3 con lo strumento di controllo sforzo e l’uscita dei pezzi di scarto
TLM has always offered Overhaul service on both its own threading machines and those of different brands.
Budget quotations are made, with estimates divided by the various groups that make up the machinery, and the customer chooses which jobs to carry out.
The machines overhauled by TLM - when their total overhaul is required - are completely dismantled and checked in all their parts, with the following procedure.

List of performed works:
  1. Machine head overhaul: disassembly, cleaning, new assembly, new supply of bearings and complete overhaul, checking the transmission with replacement or adaptation of the shafts where necessary.
  2. Feeder inspection: disassembly and check of all the parts of the “introduction” (feeder runner, punch holder and feeder punch, cam) with replacement of damaged parts or overhaul of them.
  3. Overhaul of the runner and tool holder assembly: disassembly of the runner and check of its surfaces, grinding and refinishing of bronze grooves, refinishing of resins and runner coupling, grinding of the runner and scraping of bronze gibs, supply if necessary of a new connecting rod pin.
  4. Refinishing of runner surfaces, with replacement if necessary of runner cover plates and protective casing. 
  5. Check and new zeroing of the fixed tool holder. 
  6. Overhaul of the feed guide assembly: grinding of the guides and their supports, new supply of guide end parts (plugs).
  7. Runner maintenance, with new supply of falling piece grates. 
  8. Complete check of the lubrication system and all dispensers.
  9. Overhaul of any gearboxes inside the base with dismantling of the gearbox, restoration of the gear and refinishing of the pinion.
  10. New painting: on request. 
  11. New electrical panel: supply and application of new push-button panel if necessary.
  12. Overhaul of existing electrical panel: upon final balance.

After dismantling the machine, if further works not included in this list become necessary, their execution will be agreed upon with the customer. 

Any installation at your premises is offered at the usual rates: € 70/h for hours of work and travel + reimbursement of travel and meal expenses for each technician at your disposal. 

The TLM offers for total overhauls include all mechanical overhaul work with the replacement of excessively damaged parts and the restoration of worn but reusable ones. 

Obviously the replacement of all parts is not envisaged or the cost would be close to that of a new machine. 

To have a more precise estimate, we can proceed with total disassembly and washing of the pieces, then evaluate with the customer which pieces to replace for each group, documenting the work by sending photographs. Generally, the replaced parts are returned with the machine. 

At the end of the overhaul, the machines are ready to work for many years and appear as new, both mechanically and aesthetically, when repainted.

RP3 con lo strumento di controllo sforzo e l’uscita dei pezzi di scarto
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